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Welcome to The Chronicles Of Dan Fierce

Warning The Chronicles Of-Dan Fierce May Contain Content which Some Readers may not find Acceptable Reader Discretion is Advised.

This blog is a work of fiction, yet based upon real life. It may not reflect solely the life of the author. It may be a reflection of gay culture and events. There may also be some imagery and language that would not be appropriate for young viewers, those who are easily offended, or safe for viewing at work or in a public place. If you find this blog offensive, then please do the right thing and leave, but think about this; if you find something offensive, it's usually for one of two reasons: first, it has a ring of truth, and secondly, it made you think. Neither of those are bad things in the long run. Also, please note that feedback is always welcomed, though I would prefer it be kept to email rather than replies. Trolling will not be tolerated under any circumstances. Now, please sit back, and (hopefully) enjoy The Chronicles of Dan Fierce!

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