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Just My Opinion is Stephenie “Spiritual Studd” Hardaway & Starla a.k.a. “M.T.” Carr

10423868_10204140152178109_6920822954486421960_nStephenie “Spiritual Studd” Hardaway began speaking in public at 2 years of age. She was writing speeches not long after. Her ability to speak off the top of her head made her an in-demand speaker at a young age. She grew up participating in church activities and that’s when her struggle to find her place began. Her spiritual journey led her to understand that what she grew up hearing and what God really is are different things. Her first venture in video podcasting was geared towards those who struggle with their sexual identity and religion. Her desire is that everyone knows that God loves them no matter who or what they are. She started the podcast, “Just My Opinion” to let people in on a little secret, “God does not care who you sleep with.” God’s love is real and is not to be held hostage by self-righteous so-called Christians. She brings the spirit to the discussions with co-host M.T and is blogging at



Starla a.k.a. “M.T.” Carr has been involved in uplifting the LGBTQI community for years with her own style of poetry and commentary… starting with the community center-mentoring young people, hosting KKFI’s the 10th Voice as well as hosting a poetry night at the Infamous Planet Café. She also spent years performing in local bars as the hilarious Ree Ree. Now she is the other voice on the delightful new podcast “Just My Opinion.” She lends her humor as well as insight into what’s going on in our community. Stay tuned for what’s next from this author – poet and controversial host. 


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