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Craig’s Crumbs – The Peanut

When I thought about how I was going to write about The Peanut, I knew that folks would call me nuts, but that’s okay, I have a tough outer shell. I had heard many things about The Peanut, such as, “Best wings ever,” and “I love that place!” The reputation grew so big, I had to try it out for myself. No nuts about it, it was a mixed experience.

Let me start off by saying, The Peanut is much like the Liberty Bell, it’s not all it’s cracked up to be.IMG_0701

I walked in, found myself in a dense atmosphere of grime and neon lights from the bar signs. This, folks, is actually an atmosphere I enjoy. This is one of the parts about a kitchen that I usually find helpful, the messier it is, the better the food is going to taste.

This time, looks were deceiving. I ordered a plate of three wings and chili cheese fries, listed as an appetizer, but the wings were the reason for the season, why I was there to begin with. I also ordered a Boulevard Wheat to wash it down.

The first disappointment was due to the fact that there were no wing options, you got buffalo wings or no wings. Secondly, there was no level of spiciness offered, I prefer face-melting hot myself, and the wings that arrived were barely considered on the spicy side. Lastly, the wings themselves were so lean, I could have done better ordering a chicken breast, I would have gotten more meat. That said, the wings were pretty run of the mill, not bad, not great. I wouldn’t recommend this establishment as a food destination for the wings.


The chili cheese fries, on the other hand, were a delightful feast. They were the first to look good on my plate, and the first to disappear. It is hard to mess up fries, I’ve seen it done, and these guys know how to make them just right.

Near the end of the meal, when the tab came due, the server made a “guess” as to how much our party drank that evening, and charged us for that. Watch your ticket folks, you wouldn’t want to overpay.

Overall, what more could you expect from a bar, with bar food? My expectations of grandeur were shattered, but I would still go back. $15.00 fed me for the night, I had a beer with it as well.

2/5 Cs

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