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Craig’s Crumbs – Tapatios

I find that the most satisfying things in life usually come with loud music and a margarita in my hand. This little gem is no exception, and when cruising for Mexican grub on a Friday evening, you will most likely find me here.

903210_582785405067152_352563361_oSome may call Tapatios authentic, but the only thing authentic about it is the fact that the music is way too strong, and the drinks are even stronger. Aside from that, this place in little Mexico at 18th street and I-70 in KCK hits the Mexican-American fusion spot.

Margaritas are on special for $2.00 a piece every Friday, but don’t worry, two will do you just fine! Frozen or on the rocks, it will help you melt into the next stage of happiness, the food itself.


Starting the evening with a bowl of chips and salsa, the salsa has a hint of spice that is a little more palatable than most Mexican restaurants. I usually find the consistency to be watered down, and the flavor as much. Not so here, and they never disappoint.

The menu is extremely reasonable, and you always walk away loosening the belt a notch. I myself order different items on occasion, but the enchilada platter is always a pleaser. For just under $10, you can find yourself immersed in the flavorful five enchiladas, all different types.


The wait staff is great most of the time, always attentive to your needs. Restrooms are clean, food comes in a timely manner, not much to say in terms of improvement. I highly recommend this spot to anyone looking to try something new and “exotic”. Just bring some ear plugs!

$10 a meal
5/5 Cs


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