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Craig’s Crumbs – Have your cake and eat it too!

Have your cake and eat it too!

Continuing with my review of Country Club Plaza locations, this staple of the Kansas City food circuit is certainly a must experience if you are in the area.  Fashioned in early Spanish architecture, the opportunity for good food, great service, and accessible locale makes it a great Sunday lunch.

A short lunch menu, or brunch option, is available from 10 AM to 2 PM for the breakfast clubs out there, but the real delight lies in the chicken specialties adorning the menu.

IMG_0551Seated by friendly host staff at tables pre-set with white cloth napkins and high-backed booths, you feel welcomed from the moment you set food inside.  Trademark cocktail napkins welcome the signature beverage options, I took a strawberry lemonade, garnished with a sugar rim.

One minor experience might have detracted the palatable nature: the cleanliness of the flatware was less than desirable.  One might think that

the staff might pay a little more attention to the small details that create the best of dining atmospheres.IMG_0544


Our waitstaff was timely, suggestive with food selection, prompt to deliver food and beverage refills, and overall provided a positive experience.

There are many options to choose from with a diverse menu such as this, but I am quick to suggest the various chicken entrees available, as they tend to be a lifetime favorite of mine.  In this case, I ordered the Chicken and Biscuits, a comfort food for the soul.

IMG_0547A split biscuit lined with authentic mashed potatoes (not a mix) with grilled chicken swimming in a pool of gravy provides any sore foodie with a grin from ear to ear.  The seasonal vegetables lining the main dish give a positive layout to the overall look, as well as ease the unhealthy guilt.

While this reviewer did not partake in the extensive selection of cheesecakes that give the establishment the reputation it deserves, having tried them over the last several years, I can safely recommend any on the list to satisfy any sugar craving. The restrooms were clean and provided a reassurance that the restaurant is well kept from top to bottom.

4/5 Cs Average plate runs $16 without drink, Bill finalized at $45.00 for two, including tip.

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