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    “People are now disturbed of statues of honorable people whose only crime was to defend what all societies had done for more than 5000 years: Keep a part of the population enslaved. And thank god White people populated America instead of the Blacks. Otherwise, the U.S. would look like Zimbabwe which it might look like one day anyway, but at least America enjoyed 200 years in the economic and political sun under a White majority.
I am not a racist, but the reality, no matter how politically incorrect – needs to be spelled out as well. And let’s not forget;  the African Tribal Heads were more than happy to sell their own slaves to White, Black, and Arab slave traders.
I’m not racist, but if stating some historical fact makes me a racist, then I suppose I am a racist.”
Marc Faber
“Gloom Boom Doom Report”
Several weeks ago, I wrote an article titled “Hello Lights.” In a nutshell, it dealt with my decades’ anticipation for the Dawning of The Age Of Aquarius. It would be an age of peace, love, and understanding, where great knowledge will be revealed.
As plenty of folks are aware of, I am a huge fan of disaster films & classic horror movies circa 1930’s – 1950’s.  Several weeks ago, for the umpteenth time, I was watching “The Day After Tomorrow” & “2012.” What I had not noticed before in both movies, was after a time of unprecedented destruction, mayhem and foolishness, a new beginning was established. That had me thinking that presently we are in that same kind of period. It has been said, “With great progress, come great backlash”.
Maybe this great Age of Aquarius is much closer than we anticipated. Hidden knowledge that has purposely been left out in our American History books, and American History class in our schools, is being revealed to the masses, i.e. “The 1921 Tulsa Race Riots,” aka “The Black Wall Street Massacre,” where Whites butchered and slaughtered hundreds upon hundreds of upper middle class and rich Black folks. There are survivors who are living today. There is a push to pay them and their families reparations, as the 100th anniversary of that shameful event will be in 2021.
Now back to that hateful ass trick Marc Faber and his remarks. I am so, so sick of Right Wing Conservatives like him, with their talking points of Black folks sold out some of their own, and Black on Black crime. When you purposely impoverish a community where there is no or very, very little opportunity for growth, those people commit crimes to survive. What about White on White crime? The same thing happens to them also, when they are in the same circumstances. But the difference is, empathy and compassion are shown to them, but when it comes to Black/Latinx folks, we are nothing but thugs and criminals who deserve what we get.
Poor/Middle financial class Whites for decades have betrayed their own by embracing hookers like Trump who cares nothing about them. They vote against Unions, all the while REFUSING to acknowledge working under a negotiated contract is much, much better than an “at will” employee.
They do not want REAL, Factual news. All they want is for someone to agree with their racist, bigoted, homo-hating views. They also think because Trump and his minions are White, somehow they care for them. (lol) They will sit there and blame people of color, LGBTs, and Muslims for all their woes, instead of putting the blame where it truly belongs: THEIR WILLFUL IGNORANCE.
Log Cabin GOPs and other Trump supporting LGBTQs: You are just as treacherous as your Hetero Trump kissing kin. You try to act shocked and surprised when your party tries to pass some anti-LGBT legislation. Some of you White LGBTQ are so super shady, that you are willing to let your dicks supersede common sense. When White Supremacists use LGBTQ muscle bound recruiters to lure you in their movement.
Now to further address Marc Faber’s remarks about America will soon be looking like Zimbabwe. Bitch, you just proved to me and others that you are diseased with White Fear. Why are you all scared of becoming a minority? Is it because minorities have been historically been mistreated in this country? Are you all frightened that people of color and other minorities will treat you with the same disdain you have shown us throughout the centuries up to and including 2017? That’s the tea, isn’t it?
You can take this article with a spoonful of sugar or straight with no chaser, I don’t care. In the lyrics of a song by Ms. Aretha Franklin, “Let’s call this song exactly what it is.”
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