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Chuck’s Chat – HELLO LIGHTS !!!

Story by: ChuckTackett


“Sunlight is the best disinfectant.”

Supreme Court Justice
Louis Brandeis


The year was 1969. I was a 13-year-old freshman at Bishop Ward High School located in Kansas City, Kansas. During that time, there was a popular song on the radio by the Rock/Soul group; The 5th Dimension. The title of the tune was “Aquarius/Let The Sunshine In.” from the Broadway musical “Hair.” The premise of this hit was based on the astrological belief that the world would soon be entering the Age of Aquarius. It would be an age of love, clarity, peace, and humanity.

As a Black teenager in the tumultuous 1960’s, you could imagine my excitement of the prospect that my generation: The Baby Boomers would bring about this era of peace, love, and understanding. I couldn’t wait to become of age and meet this glorious new age with open arms. My angst for this glorious era magnified in the summer of 1969 when Hollywood actress Sharon Tate, her friends and The LaBiancas, a couple at another location was brutally murdered by Charles Manson and his followers to start a race war; Helter Skelter.

When the mid to late 1970’s arrived, I assumed the beginning of the Age of Aquarius arrived because of the Disco era. People of different races were dancing together, Heterosexuals and LGBTQs were dancing at the same clubs. There was still the stench of assimilation poisoning when I learned racism, ageism, etc.. were there in the Gay discos. But I endured with patience knowing it would soon come to an end.

Hello, Lights !!! It didn’t end like I hoped it would. With those internal problems, LGBTQs was bombarded with external problems as well: The Disco Sucks Movement that started in Chicago in 1979 at a doubleheader professional baseball game. White rock n/rollers burned disco records on the field between games. I guess too many people of color/LGBTQs/women who dominated the disco charts were growing too rich, too quickly. If they didn’t like the music, all they had to do was change the radio station and not listen to it. Hello, Lights !! My fellow Baby Boomers were becoming as closed minded like the generation before us that we rebelled against in our youth.In the decade of the 1980’s, that assimilation poisoning came

In the decade of the 1980’s, that assimilation poisoning came into full fruition with the advent of the yuppies, and during the beginning of the AIDS crisis.The love of money was the source of evil in this era of greed. I guess the O’Jays were right when they sang, “For a mere piece of paper, it sure carries a lot of weight.”

One of the things I love about being 61 is I may not be right all the time, nor am I wrong all the time. But, when I sense “something is rotten in Denmark” I listen to my gut. Case in point. Caitlyn Jenner. I received plenty of criticism because I didn’t embrace sister girl with open arms. I felt she was shady and self-serving like I feel about Log Cabin Republicans. Both creep me out. They both know their boy caters to his bigoted White supremacist base. Caitlyn and that crew still embrace him. Hello, lights !!! That tells me more about them than Trump.

Trump loving Blacks: It should come as no surprise how your boy feels about us. He has a record. Hello, lights. #CentralPark5. Those two Black Buffoons, Diamond and Silk put on a modern day minstrel show for Trump and his White supporters. Sunlight revealed your ugliness. Your boy must have promised to pay you. You two and Black GOPs who defend him despite Trump and his minions trying to suppress the Black vote revealed your true colors. Hello, lights!

Trump loving Latino folks: Surely you are not shocked with Trump’s treatment of folks in Puerto Rico. He detests your silly behinds as well. When he started badmouthing Mexicans, I hope you all didn’t think you were immune to his mayhem and foolishness. Hello, lights !!! You weren’t.


The only positive things Trump has accomplished was:

1. Caused some Whites to be so comfortable in their racism and their fear of being a minority that they don’t wear hoods anymore. Why are some Whites afraid of becoming a minority? Are they fearful people of color will treat them as they have treated us historically? If that is the case, then that tells me you all were very much aware of the wrong you were doing. Hello, lights !!
2. Trump has started to awaken a lot of Progressive-minded folks that they are the heroes/heroines they are waiting for; that we need to roll up our sleeves and get busy for 2018 and 2020.
3. Progressives are truly realizing that politics affect your everyday lives.

Sunlight is a sword that can cut both ways. It can reveal true beauty, or it can reveal ugliness for all to see. Sunlight can be poisonous to monsters. Not the ones in Hollywood movies such as Dracula or The Hideous Sun Demon but the ones in The White House and Congress/Senate.
Some astrologers now think instead of the Age of Aquarius happening in the beginning of the 1st Century, they know think it will be between 2062 and 2680. If this is true, I guess will have many more years of backlash to deal with before that magical age comes to pass.


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