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Story by Chuck Tackett


“Try it. You’ll like it.”
1970’s Pop Culture tag phrase.


With the holiday season coming quickly upon us, folks I know you are always on the look out for out of the ordinary or unique foods to showcase at your holiday dinner/parties, Sunday family dinners, birthdays, anniversaries, etc…

If you have adventurous, cosmopolitan tastes like I do, or if you are not afraid to something that is not the same ole, same ole, there is a new establishment that has opened here in Kansas City, Missouri that I guarantee once you tried it, it will be one of your new hang outs. You will be making multiple visits. The name of the place is The Anamariana Cafe located at 809 W. 39th Street Suite 110 Kansas City, Missouri right next door to Missie B’s Drag Bar. Space was previously occupied by the now defunct LGBTQ magazine “The Current News.”

Anamariana Cafe prides itself in bringing a touch of the world to Kansas City. Walking into the business, it was bright, colorful and extremely clean. It reminded me of Miami Beach, Florida with its orange and purple color scheme with an industrial background to play off of. The brightness comes from the giant picture window where one can “people watch” or watch cars drive by. Owner David Hernandez noted that the sun never hits those windows, so his customers are not blinded or made uncomfortable from the sunlight.

David must have noticed the perplexed look on my face when I noticed on his business card it said he is the Owner and Chocolate Hunter. He explained. “I am called the Chocolate Hunter because I have traveled to Italy, France, Venezuela, California, Florida, Rhode Island and New York for the best chocolates to bring to Kansas City.”

Assisting David is his manager Victor Ramirez. I found out the name Anamariana pays homage to David’s mother and grandmother. David added. ” I want my place to be a safe zone. Everyone is welcomed. I want my place to be a business that the community can hold small meetings and conversation over Latin coffee, gourmet ice cream, and imported chocolates. We want local artists to come and showcase their art. I am looking for an artsy/bohemian atmosphere.”

The Anamariana Cafe serves:
Coffee – Their coffee is a special blend of Italian, French and Venezuelan coffees.
1. Con Leche – 25% coffee, 75% milk.
2. Marron – 50% coffee, 50% milk.
3. Tetero – Coffee with lots of milk.
4. Guayoyo – mild watered Black coffee
5. Negrito – an espresso coffee
6. Terreno – a strong Black unsweetened coffee
If you are lactose intolerant or vegan, instead of milk, they have almond milk. If you like your coffee sweet, you have a choice of using sugar. Splenda, or stevia ( an all natural sugar substitute used around the world).
If you like iced coffee, David schooled me that they do not use ice cubes because it dilutes the coffee. Anamariana Cafe uses frozen coffee cubes to keep your iced coffee at its present strength and cold.

Ice cream / sorbets.
Their ice cream supplier is Michocana Company located in Kansas City, Kansas. A 4th generation business that makes handmade Mexican ice cream. The ice cream flavors are:
1. Coconut
2. Rum Raisin
3. French Vanilla
4. Chocolate with Habanero peppers – a rich chocolate with tiny bits of pepper that gives it a very, very mild punch. EXCELLENT. Don’t be scared.
5. Chocolate Ferraro – A rich chocolate ice cream made from Ferraro truffles with hazel nuts.
David announced soon they would be having sugar free ice cream sweetened with stevia. All his ice cream is natural with no corn syrups. You can really tell the difference between them and store bought.
If you prefer dairy free, there are the sorbets. The flavors are:
1. Cucumber Lemon
2. Pineapple-Mango
3. Mango
4. Watermelon
5. Graviola Lemon – David schooled me that Graviola is a tropical fruit that is known for its positive effects on cancer patients. Being the adventurous eater I am, I tried it. It was glorious.

The orange juice is freshly squeezed from the fruit as you order it. The nectar is a pre prepared all natural juice.

They are seasonal and changes with the seasons.

Imported Chocolates:
Their chocolate supplier is William Dean Chocolates. If that name sounds familiar, William Dean Chocolates was showcased in the movie, “The Hunger Games.” One of the things I noticed is that the chocolates were not waxy like store bought. They were not big like Chocolate pieces we are used to eating. They are small, dainty, and very petite. They taste so so much better. See what happens when one dares to venture out from their bubble and try new things. The chocolates are:
1. Truffles – They are $1.00 a piece. They come from France, Italy, and Rhode Island
2. Specialty Handmade Chocolates – These are from Tampa, Florida. And are $2.00 per piece.from the William Dean Gourmet Chocolate Selection. They are crafted and hand painted. They are:
(a) Key Lime
(b) Earl Grey
(c) Passion Fruit
(d) Coffee Caramel
(e) Lemongrass
(f) Grand Mariner
(g) Salted Caramel
(h) Mexican Mango
(i) Strawberry
(j) PB Krunch
(k) Port with Fig and Plum
(l) WD 64% – William Dean chocolate made with 64% cocoa
(m) Creme Brule
(n) Lavender. – That is the one I tried. Anyone who knows me knows I am a sucker for anything purple. This dainty piece of chocolate has a purple butterfly painted on the front. The chocolate is rich, dark and infused with Lavender – YUM !!!
3. Imported Chocolate = These chocolate pieces are made in Paris, France and are $2.50 a piece.

Owner David Hernandez declared to me Anamariana Cafe had a soft opening for folks around the neighborhood. He is tentatively vying for a grand opening close to Halloween/ Dia de Los Muertos (Day of the Dead). I joked with him saying folks can play a trick on the trick or treat kids. They can give them the store bought candy and save the good stuff from Anamariana Cafe for themselves instead of raiding the kids’ bowl.

For my Chuck’s Chat readers who live out of town, Anamariana Cafe has your back.You can order boxes of 5, 10, and 20 pieces of chocolate.They will be packed in ice and shipped to you overnight. Call David at 618-521-3351.

Anamariana Cafe is located at 809 W. 39th Street Suite 110 Kansas City, Missouri 64111. They are located right next door to Missie B’s drag bar. Hours of operation are Monday through Thursdays 10 am to 8 pm CST. Fridays and Saturdays, they are opened from 10 am to 4 am CST. They are closed on Sundays. Their email is For more information; please call David Hernandez at 618-521-3351 As for Anamariano Cafe, “try it, you’ll like it.”

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