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“People thinking they have been took, just finding out they overlooked. They never found the missing link, forgot they had a mind to think. Check out your mind. It has been with you all the time.”
“Check Out Your Mind.”
Curtis Mayfield
1960’s/70’s R&B singer, social activist

Before I begin this week’s article, I want to give a shout out and thanks to Mr. Alejo Gonzalez. His words inspired me and gave me the idea to write this article. Thanks again Alejo. This week’s Chuck’s Chat is dedicated to you.

As I am writing my first article for 2018, the lyrics of singer Joni Mitchell’s song, “The Big Yellow Taxi” is repeatedly playing in my head. “Don’t it always seems to go, that you don’t know what you’ve got till it’s gone.”

With significant progress comes the backlash. That statement has never been more apparent to me than when President Barack Obama and his family resided in the White House for eight years. Despite all the negative stereotypes that millions upon millions of White folks expressed, The Obamas persevered, and are still very much loved and respected in the United States, and countries around the world.

There is an adage from the Bible, John 8:32 that goes, “Then you will know the truth, and the truth shall set you free.” Paraphrasing St. Madonna, truth is where you find it. Folks, let’s not get it twisted. Just because I am quoting from The Bible, do not think I have become super religious. Organized religion is still very distasteful to me. Much devilment and heartbreak have been caused because of it.

Another hero of truth and freedom is former 3rd-grade teacher Ms. Jane Elliott. Elliott is now an anti-racism, feminist, and pro-LGBTQ rights activist. She is best known for her Brown-eyes-Blue-eyes exercise. Ms. Elliott first performed this exercise with her 3rd-grade class the day after MLK Jr. was assassinated. Time after time, I have heard Black activists tell White people do not come into our communities to help us but confront their racist, bigoted ilk in their own communities. Ms. Elliott was way before her time with that experiment she did back in the late 1960’s. It is still practiced in all forms today. Kudos to The Obamas and Jane Elliott for trying to set us free with the truth.

We should all be thankful to The Cheeto Demon and Mr. Clairol for revealing the 62,979,879 racist, bigoted cockroaches that have proved to people of color, Progressive women and men, Muslims, LGBTQ, etc… that in Trump Zombies’ evil minds, all men are not created equal, and they will do whatever it takes for that not to happen. They want to make sure that the wealthiest country in the world will not be dominated or ran by minorities. If they can’t rule, they will ruin. The question to Conservatives is “Just exactly what you are trying to conserve?”

In 2018, let’s pledge to each other to squash complacency. Let’s be proactive, not reactive, and hold all of our representatives we elect accountable, regardless of their political party. They are there for us: everyday people, not big corporations. If you can’t promote diversity and all men are created equal, regardless of who or what they are, your behinds have no business in politics. We have had enough of the ideologies of Ayn Rand. I hope from 2018 and from now on, we can prove to crooked, heartless, cold-blooded Conservatives that our kung fu is stronger than theirs. #Resist #Vote, #TakingItToTheStreets

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