As It Happens



Story by: Chuck Tackett

“Money, get back.
I’m all right Jack.
Keep your hands off of my stack.
Money, it’s a hit.
Don’t give me that do goody good bullshit.”

Pink Floyd


Famous 17th century English scientist Sir Isaac Newton had three laws of motion. The most widely known is his third law of motion: “For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction.”

Lately, this law of motion has been on my mind for the past 6 months, since Trump has occupied the White House. Call me crazy if you wish, but Trump has brought nothing but mayhem and foolishness since he has been in office. All he is doing is talking loud and saying nothing. It has become more and more apparent what Trump and his zombies’ true intent for America is. We are aware of the root of every evil they have been committing: greed on steroids, racial hatred/bigotry, and fear. Alone, these 3 directions are bad enough, but they have a knack of intertwining with each other, making situations downright ugly and mean. Here are just SOME examples:

1. Fake Patriotism – With pro football season around the corner, Colin Kaepernick is on plenty of peoples’ minds. Trump and his supporters fear a strong person of color who are not intimidated by them. As we all know the reaction he took on the action of police brutality in Black/Latinx neighborhoods. We hear folks spout off that yang about patriotism and dishonoring our vets. Who are you kidding? When the National Anthem is being played while you all are at sports bar or at your homes, do you stand and put your hands over your hearts? Is it respecting our National Anthem when here in Kansas City, some of you end the last line with “home of the Chiefs” instead of “home of the brave?”

The action of NFL owners now is to blackball Colin from being signed up to any team. Well, the reaction is a boycott of NFL games, in person or television, especially from Black America. Obviously, our dollars mean nothing to them. What is Colin to these NFL owners? If Colin was a victim of police brutality, would these owners step up to the plate and address this issue, or would their greed cause them to continue to remain silent? Let me go on record that since 1975 when I started becoming aware of the REAL history of the United States and not being brainwashed by HIS story, I refuse to put my hand over my heart. NOW I will remain seated if I am out at an event that it is being played.

2. Hurricane Harvey victims –  Trump showed his true colors. He constantly made his trip to Texas all about him. Trump doesn’t care about those people. He was concerned about the businesses. Typical of the greedy business man he is. I guess poor/middle financial class people are not as equal as his rich friends. Trump and his zombie enablers won’t admit that climate change is the cause of this unusual weather phenomenon. He is so busy trying to destroy President Obama’s legacy that he has not done anything about our crumbling infrastructure. Denying climate change is the ultimate slap in our citizens’ face. What will it take? The complete and total destruction of New Orleans, Houston and maybe Miami before the GOP and its leader wake up? Screw your wall. Help these folks, Trump, to rebuild their lives and cities. Now that a lot of them got their White Savior in the White House, no talk of seceding from the United  States?

Don’t get me started on that spawn of Satan Pastor Joel Osteen. If you all continue to give this trick your money, you need your heads examined, or you are trying to buy your way into heaven. Take away that greedy charlatan’s tax exempt status since he can’t be bothered with the needy.

3. Flint Michigan Water Crisis – Because of greed, the residents of Flint are still suffering from their lead poisoned water. News anchor Roland Martin of Urban 1’s NewsOne Now reported on this months before mainstream media picked it up. Why was that? Could it be because the residents of Flint are mostly Black and the general population of this small city is 40% poor? We all know if this was a rich, affluent White suburb, the news would have reported it as soon as it happened. That is why it is important for people of color to own media outlets that bring these kinds of stories to light.

Flint Mayor Karen Weaver announced this year that an “all clear” for Flint residents to drink and cook with this water will be two to three years in the making. Screw your wall, Trump. Help these people. put more money on infrastructure and money for medical bills that will affect generations to come because of GOP greed. Just because nothing is being reported on the news doesn’t mean nothing is happening.

Money is both a dream and a nightmare. Beautiful things can be accomplished with it if folks do right, and nightmares can be created when folks do wrong with it. For a small piece of paper, it carries a lot of weight.

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